Ring Terminal .120", .146", .196" and .250"
diameter hole
Dog Tag** Width 3/4"
Length 1-3/4"
Thick .035"
Metal Plate** Width 7/8"
Length 1-3/8"
Thick .032"
Mounting Holes .13"
Loop Parallel Connector crimped
to form fixed Loop on cable.
Short Metal Plate** Width 7/8"
Length 1-1/8"
Thick .032"
Mounting Holes .13"
Lasso Parallel Connector floats to
adjust Lasso.
Narrow Metal Plate** Width .447
Length 1-3/8"
Thick .032"
Mounting Holes .13"
Tail Parallel Connector crimped to leave any length tail from box.

NOTE: Crimp sleeves sold separately to secure cable to product.
Plastic FlexiPlate** Width 19/32"
Length 1"
Thick .022"
Metal Ball
Diameter .125" Diameter .150"
Round Plate** Diameter .875"
Thick .032"
 Key Ring Key Ring is attached to a
Looped cable.
Disk** Diameter 1.125"
Thick .375"
Thin Disk** Diameter 1.196"
Thick .22"
Mounting Holes .254", .172"
Contact us to discuss other available options. Alarm Systems available upon request and are sold separately.
NOTE: ** Three mounting options: double-sided tape, screw (not included) or cable tie (not included).
** Double sided tape can be applied to these end fittings upon request for minimal charge.